Julie Ellis Artist

Operating consciously within an identifiable English colourist tradition, Julie Ellis works and reworks the motif of landscape as a trope or armature for emotional connection – invoking place and memory, often combining both in nostalgia, through plastic excitement in the manipulation of oil pigment on canvas. As though the ostensible subject could arise only in the act of painting.

Professor Andrew Brewerton

Principal & Chief Executive at Plymouth College of Art

Landscape painting is one of the most poetic ways in which we represent our relationship with the natural world – a relationship which has, in many ways, been mediated by our gender. In their sense of infinity and enigma, Julie Ellis’ images of sea and sky, rock and shore might be interpreted not only as her response to the overwhelming nature of the phenomena she contemplates, but also as her riposte to the long history of the masculine-sublime.

Dr Gemma Blackshaw

Art Historian

Royal College of Art London

Amazing contribution to Lympstone Manor we are proud to have your art within our hotel and work with you.

Michael Caine MBE

Michelin Star Chef