Artist Biography

Julie Ellis was born in 1970 in Plymouth, Devon.

A return to higher education in 2012 led to the Corporation Student of the year prize and a first class honours degree in Painting, Drawing and Printmaking at Plymouth College of Art.

A continuous theme of ‘place’ and ‘a sense of belonging’ have dominated Julie’s practice which is now predominantly oil paintings which convey the ambiguous, atmospheric and ethereal qualities of the land.

Julie now paints full time in her studio located at Ocean Studios which is situated in Plymouths historic Royal William Yard.

Artist Statement                                 

Places tell stories where fragmented fables and memories intermingle. I seek to describe the landscape which exists in actuality and memory. The work is ambiguous, anonymous with incomplete and open narrative inviting the viewer to bring their own autobiographies and be transported by a desire to transcend to somewhere in the past. Suggestions of habitation appear in the light and structure of possible buildings or ruins where the painting becomes something tangible yet remains fleeting and unattainable.

I make the work spontaneously and intuitively creating enigmatic and ambiguous compositions where visual information is subtracted and abstracted allowing the process to inform the work. The tactile nature of oil paint induces an intuitive, compelling and sensitive response to the materials producing fluid and organic looking imagery and forms.